Experience of Brent Simon

Brent E. Simon

Civil Trial Attorney

Brent has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1985. He served as a Pasco County Attorney from 1987 to 1993. During that time Brent acted as the Chief eminent domain attorney for condemnation cases, and in addition handled legal matters for the real estate department, engineering services and public works.  Brent then entered private practice establishing his eminent domain practice in 1993. In the twentyseven plus years of legal practice,  Brent has handled  hundreds of eminent domain cases both for government and now exclusively for the land and business owner. Brent has tried  over twenty-five twelve person eminent domain jury trials. Past experience includes  having represented clients of many varieties some of which include: farm land, cattle land, ostrich farms, nurseries, investment land, restaurants, estate residential, national super pumper petroleum brands, auto parts stores, convenience stores, wholesale and retail stores, malls, strip malls, banks and Churches. Brent’s clients vary from the small business person to fortune 500 companies. Every case is unique and will have its unique issues. Brent has many years of experience dealing with a wide variety of different factual circumstances. Every case presents, unique issues which with the aid of capable experts are carefully studied, researched and analyzed. Brent’s belief is that the owner is entitled to make informed decisions based on careful study and expert advice. Legal advice will be given however; the client is the boss and ultimately makes the decisions. Brent does not charge an attorney's fee over and above that required to be paid by the government because it is his belief that if the Client is treated correctly; the attorney’s fee will take care of itself. The attorney’s fee is required to be paid by the government and is based on benefits achieved for the client; the client can rest assured that Brent will do his best to optimize the return for the client.