$664,300.00 $1,600,000 Commercial/Business
$1,088,060.00 $2,550,000.00 Commercial/Business
$181,800.00 $950,000.00 Commercial/Business
$0.00 $500,000.00 Commercial
$1,215,000.00 $2,350,000.00 Commercial
$792,050.00 $2,979,993.00 Industrial
$42,800.00 $325,000.00 Manufacturing
$245,000.00 $845,000.00 Residential
$67,950.00 $240,000.00 Commercial
$251,500.00 $621,000.00 Commercial
$116,000.00 $735,000.00 Industrial
$106,800.00 $465,222.00 Residential
$436,000.00 $1,000,000.00 Commercial


Hundreds of eminent domain cases have been resolved through pre-suit negotiation, mediation or jury trial.  Several multi-million-dollar settlements and jury trial verdicts have been awarded to our clients.

INDUSTRIAL: Property located along the I-4 corridor in Tampa, Florida was improved with older metal warehouse buildings which included large industrial bridge cranes. The Florida Department of Transportation acquired portions of two metal buildings.  Prior to the take, the owner planned to utilize the property for state of the art manufacturing of fuel cells. The Florida Department of Transportation’sdefense of the proposed use of the property and owner’s values were that the City of Tampa zoning laws would prohibit the use of certain chemicals on the property.  Our firm, successfully proved that the site was no different from the Clorox plant nearby and that the chemicals were certainly no more toxic than those already utilized in the immediate neighborhood.  The result of our jury trial was a multi-million-dollar increase.

BUSINESS: The Florida Department of Transportation sought a whole take as part of a retention pond and beautification project from an auto repair shop located on Florida Avenue in Lakeland Florida. Our firmproved that there was no engineering necessity for the taking and the order of taking was stopped.  The motor vehicle repair shop still exists today next to a lineal retention pond where other buildings once stood.

RESIDENTIAL: Indian River County acquired the front portion of a ranchette style property.  In addition to receiving payment for the property taken and damages to the remainder, our negotiations resulted in the County conveying adjoining property.

RESIDENTIAL: Mobile home owners in Citrus County were located near high voltage power lines and a gas transmission line. The result of our case enabled the owners to purchase a concrete block home on acreage with a subdivision roll gate.

COMMERCIAL: (Putnam County) A Business owner’s original attorney refused to visit the site and made a claim to FDOT. The owner subsequently hired the Brent Simon Law Group. The owner received almost twice the amount the original attorney demanded.

BUSINESS: The FDOT acquired land from a Fortune 500 Auto Parts Company located in Orlando, Florida.  The proposed acquisition would take parking and interfere with driveway access.  After our negotiations, the plans were modified so that the parking would not be disturbed, and the business could continue to operate with minor inconvenience during construction rather than permanent loss of parking and access.

Every case is truly unique which will result in a unique outcome.  Outcomes from past cases are not necessarily a reliable prediction of future outcomes.  The individual facts of the case and the desires of the property owner ultimately shape the case outcome whether it is monetary or a creative engineering alternative.


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