Brent Simon Law Group provides representation for a wide-range of clients who are impacted by eminent domain or inverse condemnation. In each case our main goal is to achieve the utmost satisfactory results for our clients.

It is essential to begin the pre-condemnation planning as soon as possible. Each case is significant and unique and will require the utmost care. We will help you with pre-condemnation planning to ensure you are in the best position possible to dispute the condemning authority’s position on value.

The Florida Department of Transportation is not allowed to utilize private property unless it is determined there is a true public purpose for the property and FULL COMPENSATION IS PAID to the business owner and/or property owner. Full compensation includes the value of the land and improvements taken, plus damages to the remaining property.

Further, my firm together with highly trained experts assists businesses and/or property owners through the qualification process.  The time to begin is well before the Florida Department of Transportation acquires the property.  Florida law provides that the government must pay the business owners and/or property owners reasonable attorney fees and costs.  There is NO COST TO YOU or your business.


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