We have handled a wide range of commercial properties. It is extremely important to understand the current, as well as future, potential uses. Local government zoning and land use rules such as minimal lot size, set back, green space and development rules can be unseen traps waiting for the unsuspecting owner. Our expert land planners and civil engineers perform detailed studies to ensure that any potential problem created by the proposed land taking and construction project are properly identified. By identifying potential problems, the government’s plans may be altered to avoid the damage to your remainder property, or at the very least, assure that you are paid full compensation.

              A seemingly harmless strip land take can eliminate practically all value. The inclusion of certain language in your settlement documents can mean the difference between protecting your future access and losing all access and the practical loss of all value. Depending on the size and current development status of the property, pre-condemnation planning is essential. The government right of way agents, usually hired consultants, are very friendly when attempting to acquire your land. Once their contract is completed the consultant moves on to the next job.  Your protection is the agreement or final judgment which specifies your rights. The final judgment is a document which will survive the frequent government employee turnover.   Written correctly, the final judgment will protect you, your heirs and assigns.


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