Do you handle residential cases?


Our firm takes great pride in handling residential cases. A seemingly small strip-take can have a disastrous effect on a home. I’ll give you an example. The government may raise the road and once the road is raised, headlights from vehicles could shine in the windows at all times of the night, destroying your privacy.

Our firm works with general contractors and engineers to devise what’s known as cures. Perhaps it would be a wall that would be built, a vegetative berm, to recreate your security and in that case, we would require that the government pay you for whatever it costs to return you back into that secure state.

On the other hand, you may decide that as a result of the take, that your property is destroyed, and in that case, we would seek the government to pay you full compensation for what was taken, not merely for fair market value, but full compensation, and that is what does it take to put you back into the same state financially as you were prior to the take?


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