How does the jury trial work?


A jury trial is held in a circuit court in the country where the property is located. It begins with the judge picking a jury. The judge doesn’t actually pick the jury. The judge throws out unqualified jurors. So each side will have an opportunity. Typically, you would have three strikes. A jury, in order to, among other requirements, a juror need only have a driver’s license. Once the actual jury trial begins, each side presents their case. At the end of the case, there’s closing arguments and then the jury goes back and deliberates. We recommend a jury trial whenever the government is treating you unfairly and you will have better results at a jury trial if the government is treating you unfairly. If the government is treating you fairly, then you’ll have a business decision, whether or not to risk what the government is willing to pay versus what your possible potential recovery is at a jury trial.


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