What is mediation and is it a good thing?

Mediation is a process whereby the government, their attorney, their government representative, the land owner, their attorney, and a third party impartial mediator sit down at one table. It’s the proceedings are confidential, so whatever is said at a mediation cannot be utilized at trial. Initially, the government has their idea of the value of the property and the damages to the property, and we find that through the mediation process, through the presentation of graphs and reports, that the land owner and the attorney are actually able to teach the government representative about the damages to your property.

Through this teaching process, we’re actually able to recover maximum recoveries at mediation without the necessity of a one week or a two week jury trial. So mediation is a great process, the land owner is in complete control, if the land owner does not want to settle, you’re not forced to settle, so mediation is a wonderful process and highly recommended.


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